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Digital Kidz provides computer and technology classes for Fairfax County. Our age appropriate computer classes utilize professional programs that stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage them to love learning! We offer various programs at Community Centers, RECenters, churches, and schools. At Digital Kidz, we take pride in preparing young minds for a digital world!

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Here's what our clients are saying!

"My child is fascinated with computers. The Digital Kidz program has given him opportunities to develop technology skills I never imagined possible at his age."

-William McPherson: Parent


"Focused totally on digital media... Gave kids a chance to test out various media. Came home with some nice products - DVD, tee shirt. Counselor sent emails updating parents on what they were doing in the camp."



"My daughter had a fantastic time at the camp and wants to go again next year!"

-Tanja Nelson: Parent


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